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Chunky Holographic Glitter Bundle

Chunky Holographic Glitter Bundle

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Chunky Holographic Glitter Bundle

Choose your size and receive 1 of each colour, 8 glitters in total.

Silver Shimmer
Golden Rose
Ocean Sparkle
Lavender Speckle
Lilac Breeze
Sunny Day
Charlie Brown

Product Details

Each glitter is a mixed size holographic glitter mix. They are high sparkling and reflect shimmering rainbow colours.

You will receive one of each colour in the size of your choosing.


8 x 10gm Bags of glitter = Total 80gm
8 x 20gm Bags of glitter = Total 160gm
8 x 30gm Jars of glitter = Total 240gm
8 x 50gm Bags of glitter = Total 400gm
8 x 50gm Jars of glitter = Total 400gm
8 x 80gm Bags of glitter = Total 640gm
8 x 100gm Shaker Jars of glitter = Total 800gm

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