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Colour Shift Glitter Bundle

Colour Shift Glitter Bundle

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Colour Shift Glitter Bundle

Choose your size and receive 1 of each colour, 9 glitters in total.
Little Mermaid
- Cotton Candy
- Little Hiawatha
- Dragon Scale
- Fruit Tingles
- Lilly Pilly
- Hubba Bubba
- Mermaid Green
- Blue Oasis

Product Details

Each glitter is a colouring shifting glitter. They change colours when viewing from different angles.

You will receive one of each colour in the size of your choosing.


9 x 10gm Bags of glitter = Total 90gm
9 x 20gm Bags of glitter = Total 180gm
9 x 30gm Jars of glitter = Total 270gm
9 x 50gm Bags of glitter = Total 450gm
9 x 50gm Jars of glitter = Total 450gm
9 x 80gm Bags of glitter = Total 720gm
9 x 100gm Shaker Jars of glitter = Total 900gm

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