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Fairy Tale Glitter Bundle

Fairy Tale Glitter Bundle

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Fairy Tale Glitter Bundle

Choose your size and receive 1 of each colour, 10 glitters in total.

- Ever After
- Cinderella
- Gretel
- Ursula
- Enchanted
- Far Away
- Hansel
- Wicked
- Prince Charming
- Rapunzel

Product Details

Each glitter is made up of round gold glitter, smaller white glitter, tiny tinsel glitter, and various size hex glitter in one given colour.

You will receive one of each colour in the size of your choosing.


10 x 10gm Bags of glitter = Total 100gm
10 x 20gm Bags of glitter = Total 200gm
10 x 30gm Jars of glitter = Total 300gm
10 x 50gm Bags of glitter = Total 500gm
10 x 50gm Jars of glitter = Total 500gm
10 x 80gm Bags of glitter = Total 800gm
10 x 100gm Shaker Jars of glitter = Total 1kg

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